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Cyborg director Albert Pyun says he has a remake of the film in the works

04.28.2011by: Jake Dee

Anyone actually think CYBORG deserves a remake?

Well Albert Pyun certainly does, the director of the original 1989 Van Damme epic. In fact, Pyun not only deems the flick re-doable, he's apparently already put the wheels in motion to achieve just that. Don't believe me? Peep the quote about the remake Twitch was able to dredge from the man himself:

"It will be an epic of post apocalyptic cyber punk movie filled with an Expendables type all star casting of action stars. I think it will be a true metal classic! A violent mash up of my Cyborg and Nemesis action movies. Should begin shooting in late summer."

Okay, so production on a CYBORG remake hasn't officially begun, but Pyun is in the process of acquiring the rights to the film so he can make the film he originally envisioned. As you know, a director's cut of the film has been in the works, which radically alters the film we all know and love. I wonder how far apart his remake will ultimately be.

Regardless, how do you feel about CYBORG being remade? Does Pyun's promise of an EXPENDABLES type all star cast get you excited?


Extra Tidbit: Pyun last directed ABELAR: TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE, starring Melissa Ordway (above).
Source: Twitch



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