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Dan Walton and Dan Zachary's Bind set to play Texas Frightmare Weekend

04.27.2015by: Eric Walkuski


A movie we've been keeping tabs on for a while is BIND, from directors Dan Walton and Dan Zachary. A supernatural thriller, the film is about to have its world premiere at Texas Frightmare Weekend early next month, and if you're lucky enough to be attending the fest, you should really give it a look. Check out the poster propping the fest below, as well as the trailer if you haven't caught it yet.

A family moves into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and is convinced they aren't alone.

BIND stars Darren Matheson, Sierra Pitkin, Alisha-Jo Penney, Sasha Neuhaus, Shayleigh Pruzina, Deborah Finkel ,Eliza Faria, Lynn Csontos, Mackenzie Mowat, Morgan Pasiuk, Nathan Vass and Natasha Davidson. We'll keep you in the loop regarding the film's distribution going forward.




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