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Danny Boyle says the idea for 28 Months Later is lovely

11.17.2015by: Eric Walkuski

It's been a little over a month since we last read some quotes about 28 MONTHS LATER, so we're long overdue! Director Danny Boyle has made it clear in the past that he's more than willing to tackle the third installment in the franchise, and his most recent comments continue that trend.

Talking to IGN during a press tour for STEVE JOBS, Boyle spoke about Alex Garland's idea for the film, which Boyle classifies as "lovely."

It is a good idea, which I canít obviously say what it is. But itís a lovely idea. Because thereís been so many stories told since we did the first one Ė you know in television and other movies and stuff like that. Itís become such a popular device Ė the walking dead if you like, or zombies, or the infected as we called them.

But he had a lovely idea on them and itís being worked on. Itís not as far advanced Ė I canít tell you more about it than that, because itís not as far advanced as Trainspotting 2, but then it started later. Ten months seems like a long time to you guys, but in terms of the gestation of things thatís not an enormous amount of time. I wouldnít be over-concerned yet that itís not going to arrive."

It has been eight years since 28 WEEKS LATER came out, and - as Boyle mentions - stories about zombies and "infected" humans have only grown in popularity. I don't believe there's an expiration date on a potential 28 MONTHS LATER movie, but being greedy for this sort of thing, we'd obviously love to see it sooner rather than later.

28 WEEKS LATER's Rose Byrne

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Source: IGN



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