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Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones battle the Reaper

Jul. 26, 2013by: Ryan Miller

We can't possibly ignore the fact that two of cinemas most badass mother f*ckers will be sharing the same screen together now can we! According to Variety, Indie film icons Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones are starring in the horror film REAPER. Details are slim but what we do know is that the film centers on a routine execution going wrong, unleashing an unholy being on the surrounding community. Wait… what!? Now that sounds like a heavy dose of awesome.

The film is produced by Alejandro Salomon, Frederick Cipoletti, and Andrew Hunt, with Phillip Shih directing from a script by James Jurdi and Mark James. Also starring is Gabriel Jarret, Jake Busey, William Shockley, and Shayla Beesley.

Shooting has started in the Los Angeles area. Keep a lookout for more on this one folks!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite film from both Jones and Trejo?
Source: Variety


Spitting Bullets
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8:04AM on 07/27/2013
Vinnie Jones: Mean Machine
Danny Trejo: From Dusk Till Dawn
Vinnie Jones: Mean Machine
Danny Trejo: From Dusk Till Dawn
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