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Danny Trejo & Erin Cummings in talks for biker revenge thriller Tarantula?

09.16.2010by: Jake Dee

It's hard to say that, for a man with nearly 200 screen credits, 2010 is his year. However, since he finally enjoyed a starring turn of his own, one that actually did quite well at the box-office, one could assert that Danny Trejo is having quite a break-out 12 months. And it ain't stoppin' anytime soon...

The Hollywood Reporter has ran a story that claims Trejo and Erin Cummings (below) are in talks to star in TARANTULA, a revenge thriller set in the hardened world of biker gangs. So what's...so what's...so what's the scenario? (Leaders of the New School anyone?)

The story centers on a woman (Cummings) who breaks away from a tight-knit biker gang to start a new life but finds that escape is not so easy. Trejo plays the self-styled leader of the gang looking for the woman as well as revenge for his brother's death.

Sound like a perfect vehicle for Trejo, wouldn't ya say?

Oley Sassone (BLOODFIST III, "Mortal Kombat: Conquest"), a Corman-esque workman, is set to direct from a script by John Kersey, who will also produce with his wife Jennifer (under their Two of a Kind Productions wing).

So what do ya say? This sound like a perfect project for Trejo or would you rather see the dude flex his chops with a little variety?

Extra Tidbit: In only his third film, Trejo played a character named See Veer in PENITENTIARY III.
Source: THR



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