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Danny Trejo set for demonic camera flick SnapShot

08.05.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Danny Trejo and Cade Carradine (Son of Keith Carradine) are set to co-sat in SNAPSHOT, which focuses (pun intended) on an evil camera and its deadly owners.

The film was written by Gilbert Trejo (Danny's son) and is being directed by Frankie Latina. Here's the synopsis:

In SNAPSHOT, a young photographer (Carradine) finds a roll of film in an old camera that contains images he soon wishes he'd never seen. At first intrigued and determined to find out more about the pictures, he comes to the attention of the people to whom the camera belongs and the young photographer is drawn into their deadly world — a world from which they most definitely don't want him to escape.

SNAP SHOT also stars , Kumar Pallana (“The Royal Tenenbaums”), Mark Borchardt (“Cabin Fever”), Michael Sottile (“Reservoir Dogs”), Nikki Johnson (“Modus Operandi”), and Kelly Cunningham (“A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III”).

Kelly Cunningham

Source: Variety



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