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Dante on Hole 3D

11.12.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Joe Dante's return to his horror roots is something I'm pretty excited about, as the director of GREMLINS and THE HOWLING preps his latest monster romp THE HOLE. The $15 million thriller is getting ready to roll, and as production company Bolt begins trying to sell the project as AFM, Dante talked with Screen Daily a little about the project.

"3D seems to be in the news again due to the peripatetic efforts of Jeffrey Katzenberg, so I thought this might be the time to do a 3D movie." he says about the flick, which is about a family who move into a new house and find a bottomless hole in the basement. "Of course, there's something bad in the hole and I thought we could use 3D to enhance the telling of the story with things not so much coming at you but going away from you."

Dante also discusses why he's stayed away from horror for the most part (MASTERS OF HORROR notwithstanding, of course) all these years.

"I've made a lot of horror movies but generally don't find much of interest in them because the material doesn't appeal to me... This was different: it's essentially a family-oriented story and I found the quality of the writing and characters to be above average."

THE HOLE stars Haley Bennet, Nathan Gamble, Chris Massoglia, and Teri Polo (pictured below) and begins filming next month in Vancouver. To read the entire Screen Daily article, click HERE.

Source: ScreenDaily



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