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Dante's In The Ocean

11.17.2004by: Matt Withers
Dante's In The Ocean

This is the "final" Teaser Poster for The Ocean

Hot on the heels of the American Film Market premiere of SATANíS PLAYGROUND, Dante Tomaselli is already prepping his next project, THE OCEAN. He spoke to the folks over at Creature Corner and gave some details on the film:

"Itís about supernatural riptides terrorizing a coastal community. Expect plenty of drownings, possessions, and spooky haunted house scenarios. Iím writing the script and designing the soundtrack right now. I plan on shooting THE OCEAN in the summer of 2005. Felissa Rose plays a religious woman haunted by the drowning deaths of her husband and son. She inherits a mansion overlooking the crashing surf. Itís a dreamy, disturbing horror film with chills galore."

Tomaselli also shares some of his casting aspirations:

"I would love to have Jessica Harper (SUSPIRIA) play Felissaís mother in the film and I think Iím going to pursue that. I already have Judith OíDea (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) committed for a role. Obviously, Iím the kind of director whoís more impressed with actors like Ellen Sandweiss than Meryl Streep. She was a dream to work with. I want to work with horror movie stars from movies I loved from the 60's, 70's and 80's. So far, all is going according to plan."

Gotta love the guyís attitude. As to SATANíS PLAYGROUND, Tomaselli says thereís a "strong chance" that it will secure a theatrical release.

NOTE: Our resident horror Guru John Fallon aka The Arrow will have a cameo in the film

Source: Creature Corner



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