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Dario Argento and Iggy Pop team for The Sandman

06.17.2014by: Eric Walkuski

How's this for a wild combo: Dario Argento and Iggy Pop! Actually, it's probably not all that weird, and if somehow you've been yearning to see the two work together on a project, today grants you your wish.

Argento's next film is THE SANDMAN, and it will be presented to distributors at the upcoming Frontières International Co-Production Market at the Fantasia film festival in July. And while that announcement was made official today, we've got unofficial word from Fangoria that Iggy Pop will star as the mysterious "Sandman" of the title.

David Tully (DJINN) wrote THE SANDMAN, though unfortunately no plot details are forthcoming. That should change as soon as Fantasia kicks off next month in Montreal.


Extra Tidbit: Safe to assume The Sandman won't be a Sunday School teacher..?
Source: Fangoria



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