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Dark Castle has Incidents

04.21.2009by: Jared Pacheco
Looks like Dark Castle have something interesting cooking. Word coming in from Variety have Dark Castle picking up another graphic novel to bring to the big screen.

This one is called THE NYE INCIDENTS and follows a medical examiner on the hunt of a killer of alien abductees. Dark Castle, which is a genre arm of Warner Bros., just scored the rights to the Devil's Due graphic novel. The book was written by sci-fi/horror pro Whitley Strieber.

Todd Lincoln has already been pegged to direct but no writer has been hired to adapt yet. It's also interesting to note that THE NYE INCIDENTS is apparently inspired by true events. Interesting. Strieber's former credits include THE WOLFEN, THE HUNGER, COMMUNION, and THE COMING GLOBAL SUPERSTORM. Dark Castle's Joel Silver, Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman, Daniel Alter, and director Todd Lincoln will all serve as producers.

That's all we've got so far for THE NYE INCIDENTS, but be sure to keep it here for updates as we hear more!

Extra Tidbit: Lincoln's only film credit is visual effects on FROM DUSK TILL DAWN though he is set to helm the adaptation of HACK/SLASH.
Source: Variety



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