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Dark Castle Saw remake

05.12.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

According to Variety, Joel Silver's Dark Castle (the genre loving moviehouse) is set to remake the 1965 William Castle classic I SAW WHAT YOU DID AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. And for those who thought they were remaking SAW, I see you've lost all hope in humanity. We have at least another 10 years before that remake comes out anyway...

Shortened to simply I SAW WHAT YOU DID, the remake will be coming at us from the writing/directing duo who brought us the stellar and above par MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D. That's right, director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer are back together again. Yippie!

The 1965 film went a little something like this: two girls who innocently pass the time making prank phone calls to unsuspecting people until they call the wrong guy.

Should be interesting how they modernize this bitch as, with the invention of caller I.D. and cell phones, its become increasingly difficult to conduct prank phone calls in this day in age. When I was a kid, you could prank call just about anyone and they'd have no idea who you were and couldn't call you back. Can't do that shit anymore without them finding out your number, where you live, what you look like, and all that other stuff that eventually makes the prank on you.

But anyway, I SAW WHAT YOU DID. I dig the title, I dig Dark Castle, I dig the Lussier / Farmer team... Basically, I can't f*cking wait!

Extra Tidbit: Todd Farmer played Frank the Trucker in MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D--the perfect role if you're gonna write a role for yourself.
Source: Variety



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