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Dark City star Rufus Sewell circling sci-fi horror Animus

01.21.2014by: Kevin Woods

DARK CITY star Rufus Sewell is looking to pilot a new genre piece that is being pegged as a fun mix of ALIENS and EVENT HORIZON.

MovieHole is reporting that Sewell is circling the sci-fi/horror flick ANIMUS, written and to be directed by commericials director Thomas Konkle. The Konkle-written script fixes on...

...a space-journeying scientists who, on the way back from investigating some far-off moons, are hit by micrometeorites. One of the scientists is infected, and it’s no longer before another side of him comes out – threatening the family– killing the men, while dominating and impregnating the women. It’s up to the rest of the guys on the ship to kill the infected man – and thus, the monster within – before the evolved contagion makes it to Earth.

Now THAT sounds like a wicked good time!

We'll keep our ear to the ground on news regarding ANIMUS as it sounds like it could be a blast.

Source: Moviehole



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