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Dark Horse & Sony teaming to adapt the graphic novel Chickenhare

07.20.2011by: Jared Pacheco
With Comic-Con just about ready to kick-off in full force there's not much industry news elsewhere right now. That's why when Variety drops word on an animated flick in the works based on a graphic novel about a chicken/rabbit that battles creatures and demonic critters... well I just have to tell you about it!

The project I'm talking about is something called CHICKENHARE and is coming at us from Dark Horse Entertainment and Sony Pictures Animation. Now here at AITH we're not usually on board animated shite but once and a while we'll make an exception. CHICKENHARE looks like it might just fall into that category.

In 2006, Dark Horse started publishing the graphic novel that revolves around a half-chicken, half-rabbit that goes on adventures with his shelled sidekick, Abe, facing monstrous creatures and demonic critters.

Dark Horse president Mike Richardson, who is executive producing with Keith Goldberg and SPA's Raimo-Kouyate and Michael Lachance, recently had the following to say regarding the deal:

"Chris Grine's Chickenhare is one of the quirkiest characters we've ever published. We're excited that the good people at Sony Pictures Animation responded so enthusiastically. In Chickenhare we found a character so colorful and three-dimensional that he could only exist in an animated world."

Now this could quite possibly end up being far from AITH material but for now we're going to roll with it. No writer or director has been tapped just yet but we'll be keeping an eye out for any more updates regarding CHICKENHARE so be sure to check back soon.

Extra Tidbit: Dark Horse have recently teamed with Reelfx Entertainment and Strange Weather Films' Andrew Adamson and Aron Warner to adapt Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's BEASTS OF BURDEN into an animated film as well.
Source: Variety



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