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Dark Reel trailer

06.07.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Today we scored a look at the new trailer for DARK REEL.

If your like me, your asking yourself what in the world is DARK REEL? And if your like me, you'll be stoked for this little flick after hearing about it.

The packed, movie-within-a-movie themed synopsis reads: Based on the rare and unpublicized crime scene footage of the actual murder of actress Scarlett May. Murder, mystery and mayhem as B movie fan, Adam Waltz, wins Walk on Role in a film Featuring Scream Queen, Cassie Blue. Thinking his luck had changed for the better he steps into chaos with a killer loose and no one on the production safe. Adams role gets bigger with the murder of an actress, studio chief's low-budget thriller becomes big with the new publicity... Everyone is a suspect. Who is the killer? Why are they doing this? and who is next?

It's written by Aaron Pope with Josh Eisenstadt directing. It's actually got a pretty packed cast, with names like Edward Furlong, Lance Henriksen, Tiffany Shepis, Tony Todd, Alexandra Holden, and Mercedes McNab (below).

So go ahead and scope out the trailer in our videos section, just click the still below. No word on a release date, but we'll keep you updated.

Source: AITH Videos



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