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11.05.2009by: Jake Dee

I love learning of upcoming horror flicks moments before I relay them your way. And it’s 2 for my last 2, as I’ve just gotten word on a cool little psychological horror flick called DARKENING SKY.

From writer/director Victor Bornia (STAR69), DARKENING SKY tells the tale of:

An alien abduction nightmare being revealed to have been much more than a dream, with a skeptical grad student studying the "modern mythology" of UFOs and ETs finds himself confronting an impossible reality involving shape-shifting extraterrestrials, implanted objects, organ harvesting and humans possessed by a malevolent alien presence unlike anything he has ever heard about. All while dealing with a growing suspicion that he is somehow the center of the aliens' plan.

Sounds a bit like DONNIE DARKO meets THE FOURTH KIND, no?

Either way you chop it, the flick stars Rider Strong (CABIN FEVER), Danielle Keaton, Danic Stewart, Charley Rossman, Daniel Kirschner, Sally Berman, Suzanne Ford, Time Winters, Maria Olson, Rob King, Bella DiFiore, and Angus Hall.

Cop a dose of the trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Danica Stewart (above) clocked 20 or so episodes of General Hospital to begin her career.
Source: AITH



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