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Darren Aronofsky's not over Robocop?

09.02.2010by: Moises Hernandez

The wheels will never truly stop turning on this subject. It looks like Darren Aronofsky is not out of the game that is currently called ROBOCOP. Nope, you heard me right.

MTV landed themselves a nice interview with Aronofsky discussing how shit really went down between MGM and himself over the ROBOCOP fiasco. Turns out it wasn't really about ROBOCOP or the 3D aspect at all. It was about the dough. Not for him of course but with how MGM was handling their moolah. What happened to ROBOCOP had nothing to do with 3-D and everything to do with the studio's precarious financial standing, according to MTV.

And about the 3D?

"All that stuff with the 3-D. I don't know where that came from," Aronofsky added. "Actually, I do know where that came from. I did one Q&A and someone asked me about 3-D and it was before I saw Cameron's film and I wasn't that into it at the time. Someone connected that to 'Robocop.' There's no truth to that story."

On top of that the man of PI also lets loose a few deets regarding his stance on filming in 3D period. Wait a tic, but everyone knows Aranofsky's about as anti-3D as they get, right?


"With the right project, I'm totally into 3-D," says Aronofsky. "Scorsese's working in 3-D [on 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret']. I am very curious what that's going to be. Like everyone, I thought 'Avatar' was an incredible experience. I'm also interested in what someone like John Waters would do in 3-D. That's when it starts to become interesting, when you start to see it used in very interesting, different ways. There is a backlash at this point, and I think that's just because it's been overexposed, but that's just because people are rushing to bank in on it. There's no doubt that interesting things are going to be done in 3-D."

It seems after some careful consideration Aronofsky is starting to look at 3D with opportunity instead of resentment. Could we have a 3D Aronofsky project in the future? Maybe folks. While we're on the subject of could-be's again, what's the status of the ROBOCOP remake now? "We'll see what happens with it down the line," is all he had to say. MTV describes that as his version of saying "yes, if I can."

So the machine that just won't die still wanders around in developmental hell, never to be truly laid to rest. Those of you who prefer to NOT see this project develop into reality might or might not get their wish. The same is said for team ROBOCOP. If you just don't care either way, then just bear with the news because I've got a hunch there's going to be a lot more headed our way.

How about Aronofsky's squeeze? Rachel Weisz.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone getting tired of the on-off switch on ROBOCOP?
Source: MTV



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