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Darren Lynn Bousman updates 11-11-11 blog: Sex Parties & Scary Locations!

01.07.2011by: Jared Pacheco

We all know Darren Lynn Bousman is hard at work on 11-11-11 and we also know the filmmaker is planning to keep us updated throughout production via his official blog. As you may have guessed, that's exactly what brings me here today!

Bousman posted an entry to his blog today talking about how he brought his Director of Photography Joseph White to his 'haunted' location in Spain. Skeptical at first, it seems White quickly understood exactly what Bousman meant by this location being pretty twisted...

"In the last couple of years this location has sat vacant… Before we came in and took it over, it was used for “SEX PARTIES." “Sex parties?” I am talking full on EYES WIDE SHUT – sex parties… Your first question will be, how do I know this? Well, simple… You walk in and there are fliers left over from their last SEX PARTY… On top of that, they didn’t clean up… ..... Think this is scary… You ain’t seen nothing yet… Let me show you the secret passage way we found… The one leading to the part of the house that has been bricked over and closed off… THIS is the normal part of the house…”

See what I mean? Interesting right? I'm almost as excited for the rest of Bousman's blogs about the location as I am about the actual film! And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Head right over HERE to read the rest of the entry.

After the tragic death of his wife and child, famed American author Joseph Crone travels from the United States to Barcelona, Spain to reunite with his enstranged brother Samuel and dying father, Richard. However, fate has a different plan for Joseph as his life becomes plagued with strange happenings, and the constant sightings of the number 11. Curiosity quickly turns to obsession, and Joseph soon realizes that this number holds a horrific meaning not only to himself but possibly to all of religion. Isolated in a foreign country with only the support of his companion, Sadie, Joseph soon realizes that 11/11/11 is more than just a date, it's a WARNING!

While no cast has been announced yet, 11-11-11 does have a release date set of November 11, 2011 (duh) and is set to start filming soon so I'm sure we've got tons more updates coming our way. As always keep checking back for more as we hear it!

Darren Lynn Bousman regular Briana Evigan - Can you blame him??
Extra Tidbit: So what do you guys think lies beyond the secret passage way?



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