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David Arquette casts his sister Patricia in Glutton; Kacey Barnfield also joins

Jun. 3, 2011by: Eric Walkuski

A few weeks ago we got wind of the first bit of casting on David Arquette's latest directorial effort, GLUTTON (in 3D). Abraham Benrubi was cast as a a 1,200-pound bedridden man in the thriller, which is in the vein of Stephen King's MISERY. Now a couple of lovely ladies have joined the feast.

David has cast his sister Patricia Arquette in the film as Benrubi's sister and caretaker. Additionally, Arquette has brought aboard Kacey Barnfield (ROADKILL) who will play a blind neighbor who's his only friend. David previously directed three episodes of Patricia's TV series, "Medium".

GLUTTON, which was written by Kenny Yakkel, starts production next month in Canada.

Kacey Barnfield

Extra Tidbit: I want a proper synopsis, dammit!
Source: Variety

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