David Hayter's Wolves picked up for distribution

It has been many moons since we've heard any news worth howling over regarding David Hayter's werewolf-themed action/horror WOLVES, which stars Lucas Till and Jason Momoa, but now we've learned that Hayter's directorial debut has been acquired for U.S. rights by Ketchup Entertainment, according to Deadline.

Written by Hayter, the film stars X-MEN: FIRST CLASS‘ Lucas Till, WATCHMEN‘s Stephen McHattie, and "Game Of Thrones" star Jason Momoa. Copperheart Entertainment’s Steve Hoban produced with makeup effects by Oscar-winning creature designers Dave Elsey and Lou Elsey.

Till plays a high school student who witnesses the brutal murder of his parents, and finds himself turning into a savage wolf. He is thrust between two warring wolf packs fighting for control of Lupine Ridge. 

Merritt Patterson and John Pyper-Ferguson round out the cast. The film will be released this summer.

Said Ketchup CEO Gareth West:

“From the first time we saw Wolves, we knew audiences would be swept up in the exciting action and powerful storytelling. Wolves is a great addition to the Ketchup slate.”

Hopefully we'll be hearing a release date for WOLVES soon. We'll keep ya posted on news regarding the films' release as we hear it!

Merritt Patterson

Extra Tidbit: Does WOLVES sound like it could be worth howling over?
Source: Deadline



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