Castle Wolfenstein shoots its way to the big-screen, Roger Avary to write & direct

Horror game fans rejoice, CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN is finally blasting its way to the big-screen!

True talk. The big news broke today, confirming that PULP FICTION co-writer and RULES OF ATTRACTION director Roger Avary will indeed adapt the popular Muse Software game into a movie (as writer/director). Davis Films green-lit the project, though production details seem to end there.

CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN is an action adventure film in the vein of CAPTAIN AMERICA and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. The story follows a young US Army Captain and a British Special Agent on a top secret mission to Castle Wolfenstein, where Hitler will be for the unveiling of a new secret weapon. After reaching the Castle, our heroes are confronted with Himmler's SS Paranormal Division and must fight, not only for their survival, but for a mission that could alter the course of the War."

Producer Samuel Hadida said this about Avary's involvement:

“With Roger at the helm, we expect everyone will join us for a wild and fun cinematic ride that will grab contemporary film audiences with the same irreverent, hip, over the top approach that Roger brought to PULP FICTION and the other films he has either written or directed. It is a big action adventure but also strongly character driven and based on a very solid story. The film involves a classic assault on the bad guys, who are nominally Nazis, more evocative of INGLORIUS BASTERDS than the actual World War II. It is a vaguely futuristic retro world as fun as CAPTAIN AMERICA, which has recently been reintroduced to the world audience with great success.”

Avary added:

“I’ve been playing the WOLFENSTEIN games since I was a kid, and feel that their outlandish sensibility has deeply influenced my own writing and directing throughout my career. I have always thought WOLFENSTEIN, transformed and opened for the screen to wider audiences not familiar with the games, would be a major cinematic experience, which is why I introduced it to Samuel. He bought the rights, and I could not be happier that we are now embarking on this adventure.”

Pretty promising, ay? You a fan of the games? If so, how do you like the Avary hire? If not he, who should have landed the gig?

Extra Tidbit: Jess Biel (above) was a wild in in RULES OF ATTRACTION!
Source: JoBlo



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