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Dead Meat Cooks

11.23.2004by: Matt Withers
Dead Meat Cooks
Looks like fun, tit filled cheese to me baby! Nothing wrong with that!
-The Arrow

Ron Jeremy as Andre the Butcher - harvesting souls for hell and using the bodies to make chili. Cheerleaders - horny little short-skirted cheerleaders with BEAVERS emblazoned across their chests. Convicts – orange jumpsuits, chained together, bad attitude. Local Florida law – curvy and beautiful with more attitude than Foxy Brown. It’s all waiting for you here.

DEAD MEAT is coming from Tapis Entertainment and Rice Power Productions. I have to say that I often come across descriptions of movies that sound incredibly entertaining in a cheesy sort of way. Unfortunately they rarely live up to their premise, even through the trailer stage. So it was a real pleasure to find myself getting all excited to see DEAD MEAT. Sure its got a lot going on for one story, but each aspect looks like good times for all!

As their website says: What happens when the cheerleaders bump into the convicts in an abandoned lodge is a blood drenched, but funny as hell, stand off with the local authorities. And, oh yeah, let's not forget the devil's right hand man, Andre the Butcher. Old Andre is after souls and chili meat. Be they cheerleaders, convicts or the law, they all taste the same to him! You can also check out another version of the website HERE.

To paraphrase Homer Simpson: Cheerleaders…chili…hmmm.



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