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Dead on Site plot

03.20.2008by: Mike Catalano

Attention! Fun-Concept Horror-Themed Flick Alert! Fango just obtained the skinny on a new flick looking to broadcast some serious carnage. It’s called DEAD ON SITE. Take a stab at the plot:

A group of college students attempt to unravel the year-old, unsolved murders of the Sackett family, who were butchered in their home and whose killer has yet to be found. The twist here is that the students’ investigation of the crime is broadcast live on the web—as is the subsequent unraveling of their psyches.

Yes, at first glance this does seem at least partly similar to the poorly-executed HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION, but hear me out: I feel that RESURRECTION would have worked if it was done as a horror movie on its own rather than as a part of the HALLOWEEN series. Take a second and think about it. The idea of a spooky house with a murderous past and college kids investigating it while the killer has yet to be caught has some great potential. But you risk that potential being squandered if you are forced to fit the square peg of Michael Myers’ mythology into the round hole of your initial plot.

So think of DEAD ON SITE as the cool, initial plot of RESURRECTION without the straining chore of trying to fit in all the Michael Myers stuff. I hope that makes sense. Screenwriter, Scott Kenyon Barker says, "The concept grew out of a conversation I had with a friend who had been a cast member on MTV’s THE REAL WORLD. I started wondering what would happen if the kids in the house had a mission—like solving a murder. I pieced together the story from real killings and my own twisted imagination."

See, not a mention of Mr. Myers. Either way, you get to see a bunch of gorgeously gory pics from the flick right here (I posted one above and one below). It stars Andre Mazire, Jaime Perkins, Alisha Reis, Rob Daymond, Mai-Ly Duong and Maggie Guzman, and is directed by Rob Walker.

Source: Fangoria



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