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Dead Silence Pics!

01.12.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

There are a few truths out there that are... well, they're self evident. One of them is the fact that no matter how 'cute' or 'harmless' puppets and/or dolls seem, they're f*cking creepy as hell. Which is why James Wan's follow up to SAW, entitled DEAD SILENCE, looks like such a winner... it's about a creepy-ass looking puppet!

Today Universal Pictures unveiled their 2007 movie line-up (check it out HERE courtesy of our main man, JoBlo), which along with a bunch of other stuff, features new images of SILENCE in all it's freaky puppet glory!

I find it somewhat surprising that this is Universal's only scare flick to be released this year... but it's still early, release dates change, and ya never know... something else might pop up. And if you're gonna have only one, it might as well this!

To check out more details on the flick, go ahead and click HERE, and prepare for the DEAD SILENCE to hit theaters March 23rd, 2007.

Source: JoBlo



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