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Dead Snow director brings us The Legend of the Fjord Witch, the trailer's here

02.26.2010by: Jake Dee

So what'd you cats think of Tommy Wirkola's DEAD SNOW? You know, the Norwegian zom-com with Nazis. You a fan or what?

Well, Wirkola (seen right) is back with a gritty little first-person horror account called KURT JOSEF WAGLE & THE LEGEND OF THE FJORD WITCH. The flick is said to be cut from the same cloth as low-budget shaky cam indies as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, PARANORMAL ACTIVTY and the REC films. I'll say this, if Wirkola can bring some of the European flare the latter films employed (REC I mean), instead of the gimmicky formula seen in the others listed - then this could very well be a cool little project to keep track of.

While plot details are paper thin at the moment, we do know Wirkola somehow found time to shoot this film between DEAD SNOW and the long gestating HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS. With three feature films under his belt at roughly 30 years of age, I'd say the dude is on quite a mission.

As you can see below, the trailer is without English subtitles, but don't fret, you can definitely get the gist of what kind of flick this aims to be. Derivative, sure...but it looks like it'll have its fair share of fun (shout to STYD for the dime).

Take a look below!

Norwegian hottie and DEAD SNOW star Ane Dahl Torp!

Extra Tidbit: I'm something like 50% Norwegian!
Source: AITH



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