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Deader Country goodies

06.25.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

We got a heads up from the makers of DEAD COUNTRY today about their next flick--a sequel--titled DEADER COUNTRY. Not only did they hook us up with the film's teaser poster (featuring one ugly "Alien Zombie" creature), but they hooked us up with a few awesome "boob shots" as well. Score!

First up, DEADER COUNTRY goes a bit like this: From the director and star of Dead Country, comes the next tale of terror!

Whilst wagging school, two teenage boys stumble across a strange hybrid creature, a beast that is half man, half alien and ALL zombie, which has managed to make its way unseen across desolate countryside to the town of Pleasance.

Upon nursing the mutated zombie back to health, the teenagers unwittingly unleash a deadly new plague of the undead on the town's populace.

Now with a conscience and accompanied by a small group of eccentric locals, Orion is back to help battle the second legion of zombies. However, he is soon to discover a startling revelation that will alter the very fabric of his existence…

The said creature is arguably disgusting to look, so I'm not really sure why anybody would want to nurse it back to health... but I'll go with it for the sake of needing a reason to show boobies and have a high body count! Not only that, but the filmmakers and creature designers (couresty of Lubatti Designs Unlimited) are hoping to widely produce a mask of this creature to sell to the masses for Halloween. Hell--it'd scare the bejesus outta me!

Directed by Andrew Merkelbach, the flick stars Ted V. Mikel, Danielle , and Merkelbach himself, and is currently filming. While I haven't seen DEAD COUNTRY (scheduled to hit DVD this October), I know it featured gore and boobs--two things I hold very near and dear to my heart, and I can only expect the same level of greatness here.

Enjoy the new pics below, and stick around for more updates on DEADER COUNTRY as they're announced!

Source: AITH



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