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Deadlands 3 in pre-production, director Gary Ugarek talks about the project

03.12.2010by: Jake Dee

How many of you have seen Gary Ugarek's DEADLANDS: THE RISING? Anybody? What about his sequel DEADLANDS 2: TRAPPED?

Well, word out of WETNWILDRADIO Films (via Horrormovies.ca) has it that DEADLANDS III: THE NEW WORLD has just snuck into pre-production, with Ugarek joined this time by WOMEN'S STUDIES writer/director Lonnie Martin. The flick is said to focus on post-apocalyptic zombie scourge where a group of survivors must learn to coexist with the bloodsucking undead. But that's not the only word, oh hell no. Ugarek chatted at good length about DEADLANDS 3, and we've got a few snippets for you to sift through below.

"I had originally written the screenplay after wrapping Deadlands 1 back in 2006, and I then asked Lonnie, a close friend, to look it over and he asked to join the project and tweak the screenplay, flushing out the characters and adding a few twists of his own. Since Lonnie joined the project in 2007 we have talked extensively about the characters and the story and in the end the screenplay we are going into pre-production with is on its 5th draft. I think this will not only be the best of the Deadlands zombies flicks, but I also truly believe fans will embrace the characters and the story line."

And speaking of Martin's "extensive" involvement, Ugarek's ultimate hope is that the co-writer will also assist directorial duties as well:

"Since Lonnie and I have worked on this project and he has helped with Deadlands 1 & 2, I would love him to come on the project as a producer and 2nd unit director. While we have only talked about it briefly on and off, I am hoping his schedule will open up and he can join in on the zombie mayhem."

Good shite! But when can we expect to see a third DEADLANDS movie? Check it:

"I plan on entering the film into Fright Night 2012, and I hope we get accepted, nominated and we win.. it would be nice to have the award for Best Zombie Film three times and for each film in the Deadlands series."

So there ya have her. DEADLANDS 3 looks to film in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia by 2011.

Gary Ugarek had an uncredited cameo in LAND OF THE DEAD, starring Asia Argento!

Extra Tidbit: I have not seen DEADLANDS 1 OR 2!



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