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Deadly Late Fee

10.20.2009by: Jared Pacheco

So on this relatively slow news day I've decided to pass along word to all of you on a little indie horror flick called LATE FEE. You see where this is going?

I'm sure we all have our opinions on late fees and how evil they can be. So can you imagine what LATE FEE is about?

It's Halloween eve and a young couple are desperate for something to do. They find an out-of-the-way DVD store just as itís closing for a private party.

They beg the proprietor to let them rent some DVDs and ask for the "scariest" movies in the store. The store owner reluctantly rents them his two most prized horror films on the strict condition that they return them before midnight or pay the severe late fee penalty.

The couple settle in at home and proceed to watch the movies. The planned quiet evening turns out to be not so quiet with interruptions by trick-or-treaters and ultimately a surprise visitor. Itís midnight and the couple forgot to return the DVDs. Halloween turns into a real nightmare when they realize that the late fee must be paid for in blood!

Now I've worked in two different movie stores, one being a Blockbuster... but never did I have the urge to kill thanks to some late fees. How about you guys? The original slasher flick comes from John Carchietta and Carl Morano. It stars Chris Cusano, Georgia Kate Haege, Stephanie Danielson (below), J.D. Brown, Sergio Jones and Kerri Miller.

You'll find the flick's teaser poster above with a look at the trailer below, via our videos section. Go ahead and scope that shite out and decide for yourself if LATE FEE might just be worth your time. As always keep it here for updates as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Those darn late fees...
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