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"Deadwood" star Molly Parker the latest to join the sixth season of "Dexter"

06.10.2011by: Jared Pacheco
It was just last night that I was talking to a buddy about HBO's "True Blood" when I turned to him and asked why we were talking about "True Blood" when we could be talking about "Dexter." Needless to say the topic quickly changed to the hit Showtime series.

Now here I sit on this fine Friday morning with some nice juicy news on "Dexter" Season 6. Alright... I'm not sure how juicy this news actually is but according to TV Line the latest name to join the sixth season of "Dexter" is "Deadwood" star Molly Parker. Apparently the actress (below) will be playing 'Lisa Marshall, the sister of Colin Hanks’ mysterious new character, Travis.'

Joining Hanks and Parker as "Dexter" newcomers in Season 6 will be Edward James Olmos, Billy Brown, Brea Grant and Mos Def. Production on Season 6 kicked off last month with a premiere set to hit Showtime later this Fall.

"Dexter" - Season 6 Teaser Trailer

Extra Tidbit: What are you most looking forward to about Season 6?
Source: TV Line



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