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Dean Cundey is supervising the 35th Anniversary Halloween Blu-ray transfer

06.11.2013by: Ryan Miller

We just got the great news last week that Anchor Bay will be releasing a brand new 35th Anniversary edition of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN later in the year. And now, Halloween Movies is reporting that the film's original cinematographer Dean Cundey will be supervising the new high definition transfer of Carpenter's classic! How cool is that!

A psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, escapes and stalks a bookish teenage girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets.

With John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis recording a new commentary track as well, it sounds like Anchor Bay has really planned one hell of a 35th Anniversary for Mr. Myers! Right now these are all the details we have but we'll be sure to keep you guys in the loop!

Extra Tidbit: What are your thoughts of Cundey supervising the transfer?



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