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Death Race 3 is revving up; Danny Trejo and Tanit Phoenix to return?

06.07.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Universal must have liked the results from their home video release DEATH RACE 2 because according to Moviehole the studio is ramping up production on DEATH RACE 3.

Surprisingly, the website reports that Paul W.S. Anderson has written the screenplay for part 3. Anderson of course wrote and directed the first film, while also conjuring up the story for the sequel.

Details are thin as the project is in the early planning stages, but apparently the action takes place in the Mexican desert. I guess the prison setting was getting tiresome for the creative team (and I'm not going to argue). While Moviehole writes that the movie takes place "after the events of DEATH RACE 2", it's not specific as to whether or not that means it can still be considered a prequel to the first DEATH RACE. Chances are, it doesn't much matter.

Danny Trejo and Tanit Phoenix are apparently returning, as wise convict Goldberg and sexy lady prisoner Katrina, respectively. Other castmembers from part 2 are expected to return. No word on whether or not Luke Goss is back as "Frankenstein", but I'd venture to guess he won't be.

Tanit Phoenix

Extra Tidbit: I thought DEATH RACE 2 was adequate for a direct-to-DVD sequel. What about you?
Source: Moviehole



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