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Dee Wallace joins Tristan Risk in Ayla

03.03.2016by: Eric Walkuski


Genre legend Dee Wallace (E.T., THE HOWLING, CUJI) has joined the cast of AYLA, according to a press release The supernatural thriller begins production in Washington state this month, helmed by Elias (Gut) from his original script.

Wallace was recently seen on an episode of Supernatural, and has a bevy of films coming out in 2016, including ALL HALLOW'S EVE, RED CHRISTMAS and FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME.

Ayla centers on Elton, a man haunted by the mysterious death of his 4-year-old sister, who brings her back to life thirty years later as an adult woman with dire consequences.

It's like a supernatural version of BIG! (Okay, probably not, but I like that logline.)

Tristan Risk ("American Mary"), Nicholas Wilder ("Gut"), Sarah Schoofs ("Phobia"), D'Angelo Midili ("The Invoking"), Bill Oberst Jr. ("Resolution") and Andrew Sensenig ("We Are Still Here") also star.

Wallace in 2013's Hansel and Gretel



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