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Deep Blue Sea 2?

08.19.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Word on the street (at least according to the boys over at MovieHole) is that Warner Bros.'s straight-to-DVD label, the same label you gave us the steaming treat known as LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, is looking to bring a sequel to yet another classic featuring sharp teeth: DEEP BLUE SEA!

While nothing is official yet, writers are said to be furiously working on a script for the low budget sequel, which will not likely see the return of director Renny Harlin or surviving stars Thomas Jane and LL Cool J.

It's hard to believe it's almost been ten years since the original SEA was released. Say what you will, but I flippin' love that movie, as it was simply just a good time all around. Popcorn was invented to watch with movies like that!

While I'd like to see a sequel to SEA go theatrical, it almost makes too much sense to have it debut on the small screen--it's just one of those types of flicks. To check out the full scoop, click HERE, and stick around as this is either official confirmed... or blown out of the water as being false.

Bring back DEEP BLUE SEA's Saffron Burrows!
Source: MovieHole



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