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04.14.2009by: Mike Catalano
Period-style horror films can be a tough sell. When folks consider the word “horror” these days, they usually don’t picture corsets and people speaking in poetic prose a la SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. The most recent one I can remember is PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER, which I’ve never seen (and don’t really care to). Nonetheless, we are still getting THE COUNTESS from highly talented (and hot) actress/writer/director Julie Delpy. The brand new trailer for the flick is directly below. So, how does it stack up with modern horror?

Well, even though everyone in the flick comes dressed in the prerequisite “Jane Austin” attire, I do believe this one has some “horror” hope! The fact that it is telling the story of Elizabeth Bathory aka “The Blood Countess” certainly helps in the reason for gore aspect. Hopefully Ms. Delpy is looking to go all-out for a fitting R rating. The trailer does showcase some intense, red-covered moments as well as the possibility of some “period” flesh baring. I'll let its lengthy synopsis do the rest of the talking:

The true story of Countess Bathory born in 1560. At the age of 14, she married a powerful warlord, 10 years her senior. Although their relationship became cold and distant, she bore him four children. While he was away fighting wars, she kept up their estate with the help of her confidant, the witch Anna Darvulia, becoming increasingly powerful. She was feared, admired, and loathed by many; even the King had to obey her wishes. After her husband died, she met a handsome young man. They fell passionately in love. However, she was desperately concerned that she was not young enough to keep him. For 12 years she waited for his return and, in mad desperation, began to bathe in the blood of virgins, convinced that it would provide her with eternal youth and beauty, setting in motion the chain of bloody and treacherous events that led to her demise.

Too bad Ms. Bathory didn’t think to simply bathe with virgins to extend her youth. Although that would probably lead to a very different type of film. Anyways, I just realized that the word “bath” is actually in the Countess’ name. Coincidence? In addition to Ms. Delpy, the rest of the cast consists of William Hurt, Anamaria Marinca, Jeanette Hain, and Daniel Brühl. The film releases on June 25th in Germany. No news of a U.S. release yet.

Extra Tidbit: I remember Ms. Delpy from the crappy sequel, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS.
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