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Dennison Ramalho and Slash will show you The Hell Within

06.22.2015by: Cody Hamman

Legendary guitarist Slash officially added "film producer" to his résumé with 2013's NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR, the first movie from his horror-centric company Slasher Films. Talking to Kerrang! magazine, Slash dropped some details about the second film he's set to produce, for which he'll be teaming with Benito and Wolfgang Mueller of Barry Films.

The movie is called THE HELL WITHIN, and Dennis Ramalho, who co-wrote the 2008 Coffin Joe/Zé do Caixão film EMBODIMENT OF EVIL and contributed the "J is for Jesus" segment to THE ABCs OF DEATH 2, is set to direct from a screenplay written by THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN's Jeff Buhler.

The story follows

a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to discover that the child was just the beginning.

THE HELL WITHIN is actually a project that has been in development for several years now. Back in November of 2010, John Carpenter was going to be producing the film alongside the Muellers, and in 2011 the lead role was offered to Liv Tyler.

That iteration of THE HELL WITHIN didn't make it into production, but under the fresh guidance of Slash the project is currently casting, with the hope being that filming will begin in January of 2016.

The movie will be released in Barco Escape, an immersive, three-screen, panoramic digital cinema format.

THE HELL WITHIN has been a long time coming and sounds very promising, it will be good to see it finally get off the ground.


Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out THE HELL WITHIN?
Source: Blabbermouth



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