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08.17.2006by: Pat Torfe

Variety checks in today with news of Tim Burton finally getting the go-ahead to bring the big screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's musical SWEENEY TODD, the story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, to fruition.

The project, which Burton was originally attached to for almost a decade, will be produced by both Warner Bros. and Dreamworks. Burton-fave Johnny Depp will play the title role, which involves said barber being sent to prison for a series of murders and enacts revenge on those who ratted him out once he's released from prison.

Originally, Burton was set to direct years ago, but left the project, which came under AMERICAN BEAUTY director Sam Mendes. That fizzled, but things have obviously gotten back on track for the film, which begins shooting this February at London's Pinewood Studios. The songs will all be recorded in November and December, though no word on if Mr. Depp will belt out some of the tunes. Keep it here for news on this project as it appears.

Source: Variety



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