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Details for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters on Blu-ray/DVD

03.26.2013by: Ryan Miller

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS found a lot of success at the box office by raking in over $211 million worldwide — whether your a fan of a certain film or not it's always nice see something like Tommy Wirkola's fantasy adventure come out of left field like that and surprise a lot of people. The film is now getting ready to hit shelves on June 11th on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and On Demand through Paramount Home Distribution. You can also check it out even earlier as it will be available for digital download on May 21st. You can pre-order your copy right HERE.

Written and directed by Wirkola (DEAD SNOW), the film tells the story of the brother and sister team seeking to avenge their parents’ deaths. But after a lifetime of hunting witches, Hansel and Gretel now must face an evil greater than anything they’ve seen: a terrifying new threat so massive, it could destroy the world as we know it.

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS will be available in both its original theatrical version and an unrated version with never-before-seen footage that was too intense for theaters in a Blu-ray/DVD combo or a three-disc Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo, both with UltraViolet™.  The combo packs boast revealing special features that take audiences behind-the-scenes for a look at the reinvention of the story, an in-depth examination of the gruesome witches and an up close and personal visit with the extraordinary troll, Edward.  The film will also be available as a single-disc DVD that includes the theatrical version of the film.


- Feature film in high definition (Unrated version)

- Reinventing Hansel & Gretel

- The Witching Hours

- Meet Edward the Troll


- Feature film in standard definition (Theatrical version)


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