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Dexter: Season 5 coming to DVD and Blu-ray in August

05.26.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

While we continue to report on the upcoming sixth season of "DEXTER," your time to catch up on the previous season is running out. Luckily, Paramount Home Entertainment and Showtime Entertainment will release Season 5 of "DEXTER" on DVD and Blu-ray on August 16. Special features haven't been announced yet, but the cover art is pictured below.

The fifth season of the hit serial killer drama, created by James Manos, Jr., includes twelve episodes. It stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, C.S. Lee, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar, Julia Stiles, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Peter Weller and April Hernández Castillo (below).

In Season 5, Dexter has to get in touch with things he never felt before: guilt, sorrow, self-forgiveness. There is blowback from his reckless behavior. He has blood on his hands and an appetite for vengeance that can't be quenched.

Pre-order "DEXTER" Season 5 on DVD HERE or Blu-ray HERE.

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