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Didn't see this coming: Ridley Scott's Alien prequels pushed back a year!

12.05.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Who didn't see this one coming? Honestly. Apparently Ridely Scott's ALIEN prequels have both been pushed back an entire year! That's right folks. Not a few weeks, or even months... but a year! Ouch.

So why the sudden setback? No idea. What a shocker... There has been some recent turmoil over the budget and rating, though things seemed to be moving forward with a start date set and production design already underway. So why have the films been pushed back to 2013 and 2014? We can only speculate....

Let's be honest here... Do you guys think these things will actually happen? Would it be so terrible if they didn't? Hit us with your thoughts on this whole situation below and keep it here for more on the two films as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Names that have been thrown around for Scott's ALIEN PREQUELS include Natalie Portman, Noomi Rapace, Olivia Wilde (above), Anne Hathaway and James Franco. The last two of which are hosting this year's Oscars... Coincidence?
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