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Dimension Extreme pimps out new Hellraiser, Children of the Corn & Zombie Diaries!

06.16.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Here's a nice juicy update coming our way from Arc Entertainment and Dimension Extreme. How would you like to check out the cover art for HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS, CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS and THE ZOMBIE DIARIES 2: WORLD OF THE DEAD? Yeah that's what I thought!

Well today we've got exactly that! Now we knew these flicks were in the works but did anyone out there actually take them seriously? I know I didn't. But alas here they are in front of us. Am I taking them seriously now? Not really. But I'm going to check out the cover art regardless, just like all of you!

Unfortunately the quality isn't the greatest, they're pretty small shots, but it's better than nothing right? Scope out the goods above and below!

HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS comes from director Victor Garcia and stars Steven Brand, Sanny Van Heteren, Tracey Fairaway, Daniel Buran, and Devon Sorvari. Synopsis: HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS follows two friends who unleash Pinhead, who becomes their master of pain. Apparently, one of the friends has a change of heart. He backs out on his oath hoping to swap himself out with one of his friend's family members.

CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS stars Barbara Nedeljakova (below), Billy Drago, Kelen Coleman and Tim Rock and is directed by Joel Soisson. Synopsis: A family's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they get taken in by a couple with a weird brat.

And lastly THE ZOMBIE DIARIES 2: WORLD OF THE DEAD is directed by the duo of Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett and has a cast that includes Philip Brodie, Alix Wilton Regan, Vicky Araico, Josh Myers, Craig Stovin, Hiram Bleetman, Marshall Griffin, Rob Oldfield, Russell Jones, Jonnie Hurn, Okorie Chukwu, AJ Williams, Joshua Dunlop, Toby Bowman and Criselda Cabitac. Synopsis: Three months have passed since a viral outbreak wiped out 99.9% of the world's population, turning its victims into flesh-eating living dead. In the UK a surviving band of soldiers and civilians have taken refuge at a rural military barracks. Life in this new world is tough and brutal, but hope appears when a high-level communication is received from a military base on the coast, telling of sanctuary elsewhere in Europe... But just as salvation appears to be in reach, the base suffers an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the living dead! The surviving handful of troops and civilians must now make their way to the coast to uncover the truth behind the message. Their perilous journey takes them across a now treacherous, death-ravaged landscape, where the living dead are vast in number and wandering bandits impose their own malicious sense of law and order. What follows is a journey into hell and a desperate battle against all odds for the very survival of the human race.

Unfortunately there's still no word on when any of these flicks will be hitting DVD shelves but as always as soon as that news hits we'll pass it along to all of you!




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