Director Steven Judd forces strangers to play a Headgame

Steven Judd, the director of last year's DEATH FACTORY (a.k.a. THE BUTCHERS), will soon be back behind the camera for HEADGAME, a horror film that's described as "HUNGER GAMES meets SAW".

The film will center on 

a sweet yoga instructor who, after a first date with a mysterious man, wakes up in an abandoned warehouse with seven other strangers who have been forced into a deadly game for the amusement of a twisted secret society.

Jamie Hill (pictured above) is set to play the beleaguered yogi, with her co-stars to include Carter Jenkins, Liv von Oelreich, Sidney Allison, Entertainment Tonight correspondent Carly Steel, Chris Hayes as the designer of the game, and Marina Orlova as a member of the secret society.

The screenplay was written by Roberto Marinas and the film is being produced by Sunday Funday Films and Second Nature Films.

HEADGAME seems a little late to the game to me, arriving after the trend of films about strangers being gathered together for a torturous experience has seemingly been laid to rest, but it's also a bit too early to judge this particular entry in the sub-genre. I'm willing to give it a chance and see how it plays out.

Marina Orlova

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