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Disappearing fetus mystery is at the center of Absence; new poster here

05.21.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Must admit, this is the first we're hearing about ABSENCE, but now that the poster has premiered (via The Hollywood Reporter), and a release date has been announced, we'll be keeping tabs on the disappearing fetus thriller. That's right: a disappearing fetus!

The film is the directorial debut of Jimmy Loweree. Here's the plot:

ABSENCE stars Erin Way (Alphas) as an expectant mother who wakes up to discover that her pregnancy has disappeared overnight. Along with her husband (Eric Matheny) and her brother (Ryan Smale), she travels to the mountains to find out what happened to her unborn baby.

Doncha hate it when that happens?!

Co-written by Loweree and Jake Moreno, ABSENCE will be distributed by Cinedigm; it hits theaters in New York on July 5; additional theaters should be announced soon.

Erin Way

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Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the synopsis of ABSENCE?
Source: THR



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