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Disney planning animated Haunted Mansion special with Gris Grimly!

07.18.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Tthis may at first seem a little too "kiddie" for an R-rated site like ours, but anything having to do with THE HAUNTED MANSION is cool in my book. While Guillermo del Toro attempts to crack a feature film based on the popular Disney attraction, the Mouse House will be bringing it to life in their own way.

Reports are coming in claiming Disney is getting to work on an animated HAUNTED MANSION special, which will be produced and supervised by Gris Grimly, who is an excellent choice based on his creepy children's books. (Coincidentally, Grimly was working with del Toro on a feature-length PINOCCHIO movie.)

No further details are available, but keep your eyes peeled for more info. Perhaps this will hit by next Halloween.

Check out some of Gris Grimly's freaky art on his website.

Source: IGN



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