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Does Van Damme really want to square off with Arnold in the new Terminator?

12.02.2013by: Jake Dee

When the Muscles from Brussels asks, he shall receive!

After brushing shoulders with Arnold the Schwarz in EXPENDABLES 2, Jean-Claude Van Damme fans have been clamoring to see the hall-of-fame action stars square off again in the newest TERMINATOR film, scheduled for a 2015 release.

In fact, an online petition has been formed to ask the studio to hire Van Damm outright. They've even mocked-up a groovy looking poster for the potential pairing. But before you scope that shite below, have a look at the promising quote Van Damme posted on Facebook about the idea of a TERMINATOR role:

"Answering your questions, I would definitely love to join The Terminator franchise with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, if I am offered the role...I would love to! Let’s see if the studio is interested. Thank you.”

Not sure about you, but it sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Honestly, I'd rather see more Schwarzenegger-Van Damme than Schwarzenegger-Stallone. Who's with me? Let's make it happen!

Click here for more on this potential story.

Extra Tidbit: Who'd win in a fight: Arnie or Van Damme?
Source: Facebook Moviehole



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