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Dolan's Cadillac is finally heading home this April

01.19.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Damn, has this been a long time coming.

The film adaptation of Stephen King's DOLAN'S CADILLAC is finally coming to home video (it was inevitable that it would skip theaters) on APRIL 6th. The film has been collecting dust for a while; it went into production in the summer of 2008.

Here's the synopsis, for those who have forgotten: Robinson is a nondescript middle school teacher whose beloved wife, Elizabeth, witnesses an execution in the desert and becomes a target for the executioner, notorious Las Vegas crime boss Jimmy Dolan. Dolanís vast wealth was accumulated through his human trafficking operation, a lucrative business he will not jeopardize. The mobster succeeds in having Elizabeth killed before she can testify against him. Without a witness to the murders, Dolan goes free. The Knowledge that Dolan is behind Elizabethís death fosters in Robinson an insatiable thirst for revenge. However, Dolan is virtually untouchable traveling only in his custom Cadillac with tank-like protection. On a steep descent into madness, Robinson begins seeing visions of his dead wife wherever he goes. Spurred on by Elizabethís spectre, Robinson begins his elaborate plan to kill Jimmy Dolan.

Specs and supplements have yet to be revealed, but the awesome cover you see above is all too real. DOLAN'S CADILLAC Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, and Emmanuelle Vaugier (pictured below).

Extra Tidbit: Between this and the Joe Hill news, this is a huge day in the King household.
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