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Dolph, Terry and even Arnie smack us up with Expendables 2 updates

10.10.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

What a good way to start the week! We don’t have just one update but we have three updates from the men in the film with THE EXPENDABLES 2.

Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all provided updates! How cool is that? So bare with me because there is a bit to get through!

Firstly Arnie sent out word about Bulgaria (and details on LAST STAND), and his arrival was filmed (below), the video also features Statham and Chuck Norris! Unfortunately it is not in English but you can enjoy it on the visual level.

"I fly in a few days to Bulgaria and stand for four days for Sly Stallone’s ‘Expendables 2′ in front of the camera. The rotation for the first real comeback film which begins on the October 17th in New Mexico for ‘Last Stand’, an action Film, in which deals with drug smugglers, I play the sheriff."

Then Dolph sent word out via his Facebook page (along with attached photo): "Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria! I just finished the first week of shooting on EXPENDABLES 2. Great to be together with the old gang again. Gunner Jensen has cleaned up his act a bit, now he's just an unpredictable drunk! I shot some cool action scenes at the studio with Sly, Terry and Randy, but next week things get really interesting when The Governator, Bruce Willis, Van Damme and Chuck Norris show up for some major ass-kicking. Later, Dolph"

If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, well Terry Crews sent out a video from his trailer! You can check that out below, and we’ll be giving you all the latest news as it happens!

Arnold arriving in Bulgaria news story

Terry Crews on-set

EXPENDABLES stunner Giselle Itié

Extra Tidbit: Who are you most excited to see in THE EXPENDABLES 2?
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