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Dolph vs. JCVD & Chuck?

02.09.2007by: The Arrow

Not horror but I'm excited so maybe 3 of you out there will be too! Take this news with a grain of gun powder, but action star DOLPH LUNDGREN recently had a chat with EMPIRE magazine where he revealed that he'd love to hook up with his old buddy JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME and now Pop Culture icon CHUCK NORRIS in an action flick.  And I quote:

"You know, I was thinking today, it would be great to make a movie with the 80s action rat pack - Jean Claude and a few others. There are issues with schedules and age and so on, but maybe I'll be the one to make it happen. I was talking to Chuck Norris' people about doing something with him, maybe an action comedy?"

I'd be in 80's action junkie heaven if Chuck, Dolphy and Vandammage would team up! Heaven I tell ya! But f*ck that action comedy idea, I say do a "proper" sequel to the great UNIVERSAL SOLDIER with Dolph and JC coming back in their roles and with Norris as a Lieutenant on the hunt or something. Now I'd buy that for a dollar and a lap dance!

Thanks to Alex for the knife's up!

Source: Empire



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