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03.18.2009by: Mike Catalano
I think it now goes without saying that filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is a visual and genre master. From THE DEVILíS BACKBONE to PANíS LABRYNTH to HELLBOY II, the man really knows how to deliver a great story plus eye-popping action. I have the utmost faith in every film he has a hand in (THE ORPHANAGE).

Hence, Iím definitely looking forward to Mr. del Toroís re-imagining of DONíT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK. I was pleased to hear that the flick is moving strongly forward with filming now scheduled to begin this May in Australia. Kick ass! Hopefully weíll be able to catch this one in the not too distant future. Plus, we should also be well on our way to discovering who will actually be starring in the flick, since no casting announcements have been made yet.

Guillermo co-wrote the script for DARKís remake along with Matthew Robbins. Troy Nixey will be making his feature film debut as director. The totally fun plot goes like this: Trapped in a hidden basement, the vicious supernatural occupants of a mysterious Victorian mansion hunger for new victims. Newly arrived at the house, only 8 year-old Sally Hurst realizes the nature of the menace. Now, if only the adults around her would...

Extra Tidbit: Robbins wrote the screenplay for del Toroís MIMIC.
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