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Doomsday day!

01.06.2008by: The Arrow

Mark your calendars gore fiends! We were just given the good news that Neil Marshall's next genre vice-grip DOOMSDAY will hit the big screen on March 14, 2008. Here's what the film's about:

Bad news for Scotland. Its population will soon be wiped out by a virus called Reaper, and a wall will be built to separate it from the rest of the UK. That is, according to Neil Marshall’s Doomsday, in which thirty years after these events the Reaper reappears in London, and a group of soldiers is sent to the other side of the wall to look for a cure among the survivors of the first outbreak…

DOOMSDAY stars Super Mario Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell and Rhona Mitra. Rogue & Universal are releasing the film worldwide.

A bit of Mitra goes a long way!

Source: AITH



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