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05.25.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
The Hollywood Reporter let us know that Anchor Bay, the studio that loves the horror on DVD, has just picked up DVD/ TV rights to the zombie comedy THE NIGHT OF LIVING DORKS. And yes, now we can all rejoice.

The German flick, directed by Mathias Dinter, tells the tale of dorks who find that being a zombie actually helps their 'cool' status at school. Now I haven't seen it myself, but this flick sounds pretty awesome- and funny! Now tell me, who hasn't thought of becoming a zombie to be cooler? Oh. Ok. I guess I'm the only one...

Anchor Bay plans on dubbing the flick for the DVD release in English, and according to the HR, there's even talks of an English remake of the film already. Yo, it just came out a few years ago, what's this about a remake already???

Either way, stick around for more info. on the exact release date of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORKS, which will sure to be a huge hit on video.



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