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Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently character coming to TV; Max Landis to script

08.04.2014by: Eric Walkuski

IDW Entertainment and Ideate Media announced today they have optioned the worldwide rights to Douglas Adams’ "Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency" novels. IDWE and Ideate have formed a partnership to co-fund development and co-produce with the intent of securing a direct-to-series commitment. Circle of Confusion ("The Walking Dead") will Executive Produce.

Max Landis (CHRONICLE, FRANKENSTEIN) will pen the pilot and executive produce. Here's a vague synopsis:

Dirk Gently is a charismatic, mysterious, troubled, brilliant, figure – cursed with a relentless intellect, psychic powers he doesn’t fully understand or want, a gift for self-mythologizing, and a supernatural ability to detect disturbances in the fabric of reality, Dirk has found a strange calling as a private detective for impossible crimes.

I'm not personally familiar with the title, but it sounds pretty nuts. Here's what Landis said is in store:

If you're familiar with the property, you know: there's no freaking rules. Ancient gods? Sure. Larceny and petty crimes? Of course. Extra-dimensional aliens? I mean, probably; as long as you can make it funny, Dirk's on the case. This is a dream project of mine, no joke, and I absolutely positively couldn't be happier.”

Extra Tidbit: Douglas Adams is, of course, the man behind the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books.



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